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Engineering & Design Services

We have a team of dedicated professional engineers with a proven track record of handling engineering and design services for turnkey power solution projects. Our specialization especially spans across overhead power transmission and distribution. We utilize highly specialized professionals in the respective domains and also rely on well-known software.

Procurement & Sourcing

We have dedicated sourcing & procurement team to meet project requirements on time and to ensure conformance with client specifications. Maintaining an extensive network of manufacturers and vendors across the world we can guarantee procurement of a range of high, medium and low voltage equipment for power generation, transmission and distribution. We ensure that all products that we procure conform to world-class standards by establishing the most exacting parameters of quality with our vendors. While we meticulously follow client specifications we also ensure competitive pricing to keep the project on schedule and at optimal cost with proper logistic support.


Plant Shutdown Services

Shutdown and outages are time-critical and need a comprehensive approach to ensure safety and success. We serve oil & gas, power generation and chemical processing and other industries, providing complete management from start to finish, ensuring fast turnaround and limited outage time and following it up with a post-project performance review. We work in tandem with the client, follow a detailed analysis and tailor a bespoke solution to fit the specifications of various facilities and processes.

Testing & Commissioning

Testing & Commissioning

Alliance energy supports energization needs with power testing and commissioning solutions that promote long term trouble free operation of all electrical systems. Conversant with various power systems, our trained team of professionals provide complete commissioning to a range of simple to complex plant and equipment. Deploying the most advanced computerized automatic testing equipment we promptly and precisely carry our primary injection and magnetizing curve tests, transformer ratio, vector group, tap changer tests etc.

We also undertake plant testing covering circuit breaker timing, reduced voltage trip, temperature measurement and calibration. With the use of DILO we carry out on- site SF6 analysis of gas purity, dew point and decomposition products. Gas filling and evacuating operations are undertaken as well. Besides handling setting up and commissioning of VF signaling and power line carrier link equipment and measurement and injection equipment up to 650 kHz, we also do fiber- optic works using optical power meters and visible light injection equipment.

Alliance Energy Services

MV & HV Maintenance Services

Addressing seamless requirements of HV installations, we offer electrical system maintenance programs to prevent unplanned outages and prolong service life. We can offer tailor-made, customer-specific solutions minimizing generation outage time and our expert service is up and running on an emergency response basis accessing critical components in real short lead time. We also provide comprehensive maintenance records to help identify recurring problems.

Alliance Energy Services

Power Transmission & Distribution

The scope of our power transmission and distribution services covers turnkey EPC contracting for survey, engineering & design, procurement, logistics and construction / erection of lattice tower, wooden pole overhead lines including civil works for tower base, crossings, excavation,backfilling,embankment etc. We do restoration and maintanance of prevalent lines also. We also undertake project management,outage management, condition assessment and site H&S management, in addition to underground cabling for LV, MV and HV and providing catenary support systems.

For distribution networks we handle refurbishment of networks from LV to 11kV, 22kV up to 33kV and undertake construction of power transmission lines above 33kV covering tower systems and diversions for power distribution below 33kV.

Electrical & Instrumentation (E & I)

Alliance Energy is specialized in providing electrical & instrumentation installation services for projects such as oil refineries, power plants, food industries and others. The suite of services covers tray works, conduits, cabling, SS tubing, control panel installation and calibration and containment systems among others.

Alliance Energy Services

Underground Cable Installation

We have dedicated experts to carry out 11kV to 400kV Cable Installation works as per the client specifications and local authority regulations / standards. We offer the complete solution including civil works, cable laying, backfilling and reinstatement. We have highly trained cable jointers to do the joining and termination up to 33kV as per the client requirements and specifications.


We share a wealth of experience with our professionals in resolving the needs of the power sector especially with regard to substation projects, no matter the level of complexity or magnitude. We have the competencies to deliver the most advanced customized solutions tailor made to client requirements and specifications. The team has proven caliber with regard to construction and renovation of substations ranging from 11kV to 400kV, with total project management and necessary support.

Our service suite is turnkey capable and wide enough to encompass civil and electrical design, civil construction and building services, procurement and installation of primary and secondary electrical plant as well as design, development, delivery and deployment of control and protection systems. We undertake electrical system studies, testing & commissioning, LV and MV power and control cabling and earthing solutions as well.

Alliance Energy Services

Lighting (Industrial & Street)

We undertake turnkey projects for lighting needs, developing a sustainable end-to-end solution to wide ranging external public lighting needs including street, depot, and industrial lighting. Our capabilities extend across the entire spectrum of street lighting from lighting study to energization covering design, development, supervision and execution of lighting projects of every dimension and magnitude.

Other Services

Testing and commisioning

  1. LV/MV/HV/EHV Switchgear
  2. Protection Relay
  3. Tr. In S/S System Studies/RLA Studies Fault Analyzing/Trouble Shooting Sweep Frequency Response Analysis Tan Delta & Capacitance Measurements Partial Discharge.


  1. Relay & Control Panels
  2. Cable Laying & Termination Works up to 33kV
  3. Oil Filtration up to 100MVA Transformers
  4. Oil Analysis
  5. LV/HV/MV/EHV Substation
  6. FO Cable Laying, Splicing & Testing
  7. Remote End Modification Works
  8. Relay Coordination Studies
  9. Skilled/Semi Skilled Man Power Supply

Testing Kits Hiring:

  1. All type of Testing Measuring Equipment’s to test sgr’s
  2. Transformers, cables, motors, OHL Conductor
  3. Harmonic & LUX Measurement
  4. Thermal Imaging and Partial Discharge
  5. Oil Filtration Plant up to 10KL
  6. Cable Fault Locator, VLF Test Kits
  7. 100mA SF6 100KV AC HV test kits

Industrial Automation

  1. Drives & Soft Starters Generator Control Systems
  2. AMF, Synch. & Load Mgmt. Systems
  3. ATS LV Swgr Panels (up to Form 7), Control and Protection Panels
  4. RTUs BMS Solution System
  5. Remote Street Light Control System
  6. Retrofitting on Process Automation and Electrical Works


  1. Substations – Concept
  2. Feed & Detailed Engineering Services
  3. System Studies
  4. MEP Design Services


  1. C&R Panels
  2. RTU LV/HV/MV Switchgears
  3. LVAC Boards
  4. DBs, SMDB, FDBs, VFD Panels, Relay & Control Panels
  5. DMS/RTU/CT/VT Meters
  6. Power Cables/LV Cables
  7. Battery & Battery Chargers
  8. Power Tr./Auxillary Tr.
  9. TRM, QRM, 11KV Package Units
  10. Cable Termination and Cable Joints


  1. Maintenance of Distribution & Primary S/S up to 33KV TRM, QRM, LV, Panels
  2. Package Unit S/S
  3. 11 & 22 KV Distribution Substations, Transformers, Cables, Rotating Machines
  4. DC Systems Electrical Equipment in Process plants

MEP Works

  1. HVAC Design, Supply, Installation
  2. Ducting Works
  3. Electrical Circuits Conduit Fixing, Wiring
  4. Tray Supply
  5. Fixing Works
  6. Low current
  7. CCTV Cabling works
  8. Light Fitting Works